Labor Market SkillsLabor Market Skills

M3C4 - Quality Control
Mr.Ashiraf AbeidAbidiew AbidiewDr. Mesay AlemuKatsamaki AnastasiaAnna BadasianAmos BaryashabaSofie De GraveDoitsidis EleftheriosDr. George FouskitakisMr. Tamiru HailuMr. Lunodzo LunodzoFelichesmi lyakurwaEvarist NabaasaMr. Kivaria SenzotaDr Tossy TossyDr. Tupokigwe TupokigweDirk Van Merode

M3C4 - Quality Control

Students in this course will be introduced in the contest of quality management and its basic principles. The course will include concept of quality assurance systems that can be applied in the real world. The students upon the completion of the course will be able to:
• Identify the concept of quality based on product and service and be able to provide an estimate of the cost of quality.
• Apply acquire quantitative and qualitative tools knowledge in the field of production and services.
• Optimize the quality of services, procedures and products in the business environment

M3C3 - Soft Skills for Engineers
Mr.Ashiraf AbeidAbidiew AbidiewMr. Balewgize AmareAnna BadasianAmos BaryashabaSofie De GraveDr. George FouskitakisFelichesmi lyakurwaEvarist NabaasaKonstantinos PetridisDr. Venkata Ramayya AnchaMr. Srinivasa RaoMr. Kivaria SenzotaDr. Tupokigwe TupokigweDirk Van Merode

M3C3 - Soft Skills for Engineers

In this course, students will:
• Be able to take decisions based on what do they know and suggest solutions
• Deliver under stress and on time
• Develop their Scientific Writing
• Develop their Public Presentation Skills
• Develop their ability to present themselves
• Be able to coordinate and guide a team of people
• Be able to collaborate and cooperate with others
• Build their resilience

M3C2 Business Management
Abidiew AbidiewAnna BadasianAmos BaryashabaMr. Achalu BerechaSofie De GraveMartin GaliwangoMr. Basuta JamesEvarist Nabaasabertha NgerejeDirk Van MerodeCarsten Wolff

M3C2 Business Management

In this course, you will get an introduction to business management. In addition to that, we will discuss different business models, Management accounting, enterprise financial management Production planning, Legal, contracts, purchasing and marketing.

We will have three different activities. These are Theory classes on business management, Homework: Develop a business model canvas and calculate a business case and: Company simulation in teams.

M3C1 Project Managment & Strategy
Anna BadasianAmos BaryashabaSofie De GraveMartin Galiwangobertha NgerejeDirk Van MerodeCarsten Wolff

M3C1 Project Managment & Strategy


In this course, you will get an introduction to project management. This means that you will develop knowledge about project requirements engineering, project planning (cost, time, quality) and project scope. Furthermore, we will deal with the topics of Project risk assessment, Agile project management techniques, communication in projects and much more.

We will have 3 different activities. These are Theory classes on project management, Homework: writing a project management manual for a project case study and Project simulation in teams.